Wild boar fencing

Wild boar can be destructive and are more than capable of damaging and breaking through game pens, rabbit, deer and stock fences. After an absence of over three hundred years, they are now roaming freely in parts of the UK. Wild boar pose a risk of predation to game and poultry whilst also decimating crops.

Their destructive nature means that only a specialised fence with wire strong enough to contain wild boar will be secure enough to contain captive boar and exclude feral boar.

The mesh used in wild board fences installed by Suddenstrike is purposely manufactured for the containment or exclusion of wild boar.

All materials in our fences are from top names within the industry and are installed by our expert teams. All wooden materials are from sustainable managed woodlands to FSC standards, and are available either pressure treated or creosote treated. All fences are installed by our dedicated expert teams of installers using the latest and best equipment available for fence installations.

For more information about the materials we use, including the different timber treatments available along with the different grades of wire we can install, please visit our Posts, stock netting and wire explained section.

For more details on wild boar fencing, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us on 01270 619147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.