Rabbit fencing

Temporary and permanent rabbit fencing supplied and installed in Cheshire and surrounding counties

Suddenstrike installs many miles of rabbit exclusion netting per year. We only use the highest quality rabbit netting. Our experience in installing rabbit fencing can give you peace of mind that your garden or crops will be kept clear of rabbits so long as the fence is maintained and looked after to prolong its life.

If installed correctly, rabbit proof fences are an extremely effective method of keeping rabbits out of gardens, fields, cemeteries and many other locations. There are two types of rabbit proof fence available – temporary and permanent.

Contact us for more information or a free quote on rabbit fencing on 01270 619 147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.

Temporary electric rabbit proof fences

Rabbit Net diagram and measurementsTemporary rabbit proof fences are available in two forms – the most effective consists of an electrified polywire net supported by polypropylene posts. The second method consists of numerous strands of electric polywire supported by plastic fencing stakes.

Installed correctly, they are an effective method to keep rabbits out of crops and to allow shrubs and plants to grow unhindered. It is however a short term solution to keeping rabbits out of an area.  For more information please see our Electric fencing rabbit section.

Permanent rabbit proof fencing

Rabbit fencing with netting in fieldA more effective and long term solution, permanent rabbit proof fencing prevents rabbits from entering gardens, fields and property from neighbouring land where access to control rabbits is unavailable.

Easy to maintain, permanent rabbit proof fencing consists of treated timber fence posts driven in to the ground and then clad with hexagonal rabbit protection mesh which is then turned out and pegged down to the ground.

Rabbit protection mesh

Rabbit Protection Mesh Along Railway EmbankmentA method of proofing mainly restricted to railway and highways development projects. This method involves covering an embankment or ground area with rabbit mesh to prevent rabbits from gaining access to an area prior to, during or after a development project.

Suddenstrike has been involved with many projects with Network Rail and highways agencies installing rabbit protection mesh on embankments to prevent the embankment from being undermined by rabbit activity.

Where necessary we will also install badger gates into rabbit proof fences.

Recent works: In 2010 we installed over 800m of rabbit protection fencing at Speke Hall in Liverpool for the National Trust to keep rabbits out of the gardens at this Tudor era manor house.

We have also completed a project on behalf of Network Rail where we installed over 36,000m of rabbit protection mesh on to railway embankments.

We have also recently completed projects on behalf of country estates, commercial tree plantations, Network Rail, Cheshire East Borough Council, golf courses, garden centres and nurseries, and many other private and commercial properties.

All rabbit proof fences installed by Suddenstrike are also available with a maintenance programme to protect against any accidental damage caused to the fence.

Our fences are installed using the best materials available along with the best equipment. Suddenstrike is proud to be the only fencing contractor in the area to be using the multi award-winning Bryce Suma HD180 tracked post driver for the installation of our fences.

For more information about the materials we use, including the different timber treatments available along with the different grades of wire we can install, please visit our Posts, stock netting and wire explained section.