Pheasant pens, pheasant friendly stock fencing and game netting

Suddenstrike is experienced in the construction of both pheasant rearing pens and pheasant release pens. Our teams of installers have installed pheasant pens for a variety of estates and rearers in Cheshire, Shropshire and North Wales.

All pheasant pens, like poultry fencing, should be effective in keeping the birds within the pen while at the same time prevent predators and rabbits from digging under or getting in to the pen.

At Suddenstrike we understand the hard work that goes in to rearing and keeping game birds, that’s why we only use the best products available including Tornado pheasant friendly netting. All of our timber products are pressure treated and come from sustainable sources.

If you’re after a game rearing pen, a pheasant release pen or pheasant friendly stock netting, we have the solution to your needs. For more details please contact us on 01270 619147 or