Mink and otter proof fencing

Mink Fencing

Released in to the wild from captivity, American mink are a non-indigenous species in the UK.

Now widespread across the country, the effects that American mink have on native wildlife is devastating They can and will kill rabbits, ducks, water voles, shrews, fish, frogs, moorhens, rats, birds and their eggs (including ground nesting and song birds). It has been known for mink to totally wipe out populations of fish in lakes and fisheries. They have also been linked to the decline of water voles in the UK.

Otter Fencing

The otter is classed as a European protected species and holds the highest level of protection available. This legislation makes it an offence to kill or injure an otter or attempt to do so, to damage or destroy their resting or breeding places or obstruct access to them.

Since otters and mink have become an issue, fencing them in and out has been a challenge and there are various methods available to proof against them.

Electric Otter and Mink Fencing

electric otter fencing diagramElectric fencing installed correctly is an effective method at keeping otters and mink away from poultry, water foul and fish stocks.

Permanent Otter and Mink Fencing

Otter netting and wooden fence postsThe other method is to install a predator fence. Predator fencing is composed of treated timber posts driven in to the ground and then clad with a suitable wire mesh (the size of the mesh used depends on the species being proofed against). Predator fencing is a more effective and longer lasting solution than electric fencing. The mesh has been designed to protect inland fisheries and wildfowl sanctuaries as well as facilitating highway exclusion.There are a number of wire types available to suit a variety of situations and budgets.Like most predator proof fences, mink and otter fences need to be constructed to a height and turned out at the top so that they can not climb over. They also require sufficient protection at the base of the fence so the animals cannot dig under, and have a mesh size small enough so that they can’t go through the fence. It is also recommended that electric wire be used around the fence as an added deterrent.

All materials in our fences are from top names within the industry and are installed by our expert teams. All wooden materials are from sustainable managed woodlands to FSC standards and are available either pressure or creosote treated for a longer life span.

All fences are installed by our dedicated expert teams of installers using the latest and best equipment available for fence installations.

For more information about the materials we use, including the different timber treatments available along with the different grades of wire we can install, please visit our Posts, stock netting and wire explained section.

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