Badger proof fencing

Badger fencing, gates and mesh, for Cheshire and surrounding counties

The European badger is the United Kingdom’s (UK) largest native carnivore. Under the Protection of Badgers Act of 1992 it is an offence to harm a badger or to interfere with a sett without first obtaining a licence from Natural England.

Badgers can cause a great deal of damage to gardens when digging for food such as worms and chaffer grubs. It has long been believed by farmers that badgers can transmit bovine TB to cattle. Tests in the 1970s proved that TB was more common in badgers than any other species.

At Suddenstrike, we have over 30 years of experience installing exclusion fences, using only the highest quality exclusion netting that is badger proof.

Suddenstrike supplies and installs three types of badger fencing along with the installation of badger gates.

Electric badger proof fencing

EElectric-badger-fencinglectric fencing can be used to protect against damage caused by badgers in situations where they may be foraging in gardens, putting greens, bowling greens, cricket pitches, allotments and commercial planting.

Wire mesh badger proof fencing

Otter FencingA more permanent solution to electric fencing is the installation of a fence using wire netting or mesh. This type of fencing may be required in situations to keep badgers away from busy roads, motorways and railway lines, or to direct badgers to a safe crossing point.

Other uses include the protection of livestock and cattle, along with keeping badgers out of gardens, cemeteries and nurseries

Badger protection mesh

A method of proofing used to prevent badgers from entering an area, badger protection mesh is installed under a licensed programme (licence granted by Land covered with badger protection mesh nettingNatural England) to move badgers out of sensitive areas and prevent them from opening old setts.This method involves covering an embankment or ground area with badger mesh to prevent badgers from gaining access to an area.

Badger gates

Badger gate installed in ground surrounded by nettingBadger gates are designed to allow badgers to pass unrestricted through a fence line without causing any damage. Badgers are very territorial animals and will use the same routes within their habitat. This can cause problems when a fence is installed that crosses a badger run. If a badger’s access is denied, it will try to dig under or break through the fence. It is therefore worthwhile considering the installation of badger gates within a fence line to prevent damage at a later date.

Two-way badger gates are designed to pass through unrestricted.

One-way badger gates may only be installed under licence from Natural England as part of a programme to move badgers out of sensitive areas.

For more information about the materials we use, including the different timber treatments available along with the different grades of wire we can install, please visit our Posts, stock netting and wire explained section.

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