Why is Security Fencing in schools so important?

Fencing is a vital necessity within any educational setting as it plays two very important roles. It adds security and, it is aesthetically pleasing.

Blocking any unauthorised visitors from accessing the premises keeps staff and students safe. Also preventing children from walking off the premises and putting themselves in unnecessary dangerous situations such as walking onto a busy road. Security fencing is often one of the first things a prospective parent or OFSTED inspector will look for when first arriving at the school.

Therefore, if you are installing security fencing into a school you need to be aware of its main aims, safety and aesthetics.

 Security Government Guidance

On the 9th October the government released new security guidance for schools in England. Security fencing was a key element included in the guidance.

The guidance states that:

“The boundary is the first line of defence and should be protected with a secure fence or railings such as Weldmesh fencing to BS1722 or expanded metal or railings over 2.0m high.

Gates should be the same height as the fencing, fitted with anti-lift hinges, locking mechanisms that do not aid climbing and secured using an approved locking mechanism.

Planting close to the base of a fence can also be a deterrent but should not exceed 1.0m in height. Tree canopies should fall no lower than 2.0m from the ground to provide clear lines of sight.”

Follow the link to the Government website for further information: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/school-and-college-security/site-security-guidance

This all may seem a little daunting, so please contact Suddenstrike’s fencing specialists today who can explain more around these government guidelines.

Security Fencing – Risk Assessment

It is so important to carry out a risk assessment before choosing your security fencing for your school as, this will help you identify any weak spots, pedestrian flows or any other considerations that need to be addressed. Speaking to a Fencing specialist may be beneficial at this point as they will have the professional knowledge and know what to look out for, ensuring you choose the most suitable and safest fencing solution for your setting.

Suddenstrike Fencing

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