Repairing Your Fence After a Storm

Wooden fencing will deteriorate over time, but can last many years if installed, treated and looked after correctly. If the fence is already aged and weathered, or incorrectly installed, the recent weather won’t have helped.

Following the recent storms bringing high winds and heavy rain, we have had increased calls for fencing repairs, replacement fence panels and new fencing installations.

Fencing Repairs

High winds an cause damage to fencing especially with falling branches and trees. Fencing may need to be repaired as a matter of urgency if it is used to protect livestock, horses or deer. The damaged section will need to be removed, and new fencing installed to protect the perimeter.

Replacement Fence Panels

Panels can be damaged if they come loose from the base and posts, or if they are hit by debris like falling branches and trees. This is more likely to happen to older, more worn fencing, however strong winds will increase the chance of damage. Missing or damaged fence panels can be easily replaced at a relatively low cost.

Post and panel fencing is a popular option for garden fencing, concrete posts are sturdy, long lasting and require little care, and the panels are easy to replace. We have a range of fence panels in stock ready to go.

If posts are damaged and the panels no longer fit properly, you may need some more work to repair the posts first.

New Fence Installation

If your fence has been damaged beyond repair, it’s time for a new fence. If the fence is quite old and you’re finding you need to repair and replace panels more often, it would probably be more economical to replace the fence.

We provide a number of options for domestic fencing:

  • Post & Panel (concrete or timber)
  • Feather edge boarding
  • Hit & miss fencing
  • Metal railings

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