Timber estate fencing

Timber fencing can be adapted to suit your needs, we supply and install in Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire

The most popular style of wooden estate fencing is timber post and rail, either using square posts, round or half round posts clad with flat or half round rails. When installed correctly, post and rail fencing stands out and looks the part. Suddenstrike installs many miles of post and rail fencing each year for estates, parkland, agricultural land and equestrian land.

We have developed our own methods of working which enable us to professionally and efficiently install fencing to the highest quality possible. From the materials used to the machinery available, no expense is spared in providing you with high quality fencing solutions. This is why our customers continue to come back to Suddenstrike for their fencing requirements.

Aside from the popular post and rail fencing, we can also supply and install many other types of estate fencing to suit your individual needs and requirements, whether it’s to keep deer or cattle, or to prevent rabbits from entering the gardens. Below are just some of the fences we can supply and install.

Post and rail fencing

Post and Rail FenceWe can supply and install a variety of post and rail fences to many different specifications using half round, round or square timber posts driven in to the ground and then clad with half round or flat rails. All timber is treated.

Stock netting/stock fencing

Stock Netting (16)Our stock netting fences consist of treated timber posts driven in to the ground and then clad with stock netting/mesh manufactured to BSEN10223-5 standards and galvanised to BSEN10244. The high tensile mesh we use is manufactured from flexible and resilient high tensile wire, giving you a stronger, more secure fence.

Deer fencing

Deer netting fencingSpecially constructed fences designed to keep the six main species of deer found in the UK contained. For more information please see our section on Deer fencing.

Rabbit and badger fencing

Rabbit NettingConsisting of treated wooden posts driven in to the ground and clad with specially constructed mesh. Our experience in installing rabbit and badger proof fencing can give you peace of mind that the proofed area will be kept clear of rabbits or badgers, so long as the fence is maintained and looked after to prolong its life. For more information please see our sections on Rabbit fencing or Badger fencing.

Picket/palisade fencing

PicketPicket/palisade is a popular form of fencing with many different designs to choose from. This type of fence is constructed from rails secured to wooden posts or inserted into mortices in between wooden posts and then the pales nailed to the rails.

Featheredge board fencing

Feather Edge Board 2This type of fencing consists of two or three horizontal timber rails secured to wooden or concrete posts, and then clad with wooden boards. Again this type of fence provides excellent privacy and security.

Cleft/riven chestnut fencing

Wooden chestnut fencing and gate in front of treesChestnut timber offers a rustic effect and is produced from coppiced woodlands then pressure treated. The cleft cutting method follows the grain of the wood producing stronger posts but more irregular shapes.

Wattle hurdles

Wattle-HurdleManufactured from coppiced woodland, wattle hurdles are manufactured from either hazel or willow that is woven between supporting stakes to create a solid panel.

Bespoke solutions

Tailor made designs and styles to suit your requirements

Whatever your requirements, contact us on 01270 619147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk and see for yourself why our customers keep coming back to us.