stock fencing around a lagoon

We recently installed lagoon fencing for a long-standing customer, using timber fence posts, stock netting, barbed wire and gates.

Lagoon fencing needs to meet specific specifications in order to be safe and secure, the guidelines on slurry lagoon fencing are stated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Lagoon Fencing Specifications

The fencing needs to be designed and installed in a way that prevents access from unauthorised people, as well as wildlife and livestock. The lagoon fence needs to be a minimum height of at least 1.3m, mesh or stock netting needs to be small enough to prevent hand or footholds, and at least two strands of barbed wire should be at the top, spaced apart by 100-150mm. The fence needs to be tight and secure, to ensure that it cannot be pushed up from the bottom by stock or wildlife.

Lagoon fence and gates

Lagoon Gates and Access Points

Gates and access points should provide an equal level of security and deterrence as the fencing. This can be achieved by cladding the outside of the lagoon gate or adding further stock netting to prevent climbing. Gates should also be fitted with two strands of barbed wire at the top, and latches or padlocks and chains to prevent the gates being opened by children, this could be further protected by having the latches on the inside of the gates.

stock gate for a lagoon
In summary:

  • The fence should be designed to deter access
  • Fencing should be installed professionally and maintained
  • The fence needs to be at least 1.3m high
  • This height includes two strands of barbed wire at the top
  • The barbed wire should be spaced 100-150mm apart
  • Gates and access points should also be designed to prevent access
  • They should be topped by two strands of barbed wire
  • Chains and padlocks or latches should be designed so children are unable to open them

For more information on slurry lagoon fencing:

Please contact us on 01270 619 147 or A member of our Suddenstrike Fencing team will be happy to discuss the guidelines and required fencing in more detail. We can arrange a free consultation, in order to provide a free quotation for fencing and any gates required.

The official document provided by HSE can be found here.