Jacksons Fencing

We are approved installers of Jacksons Fencing, Gates and Garden Structures

Jacksons fencing have been manufacturing quality products for over 70 years. We are proud to be a Jacksons Fencing approved installer.

All timber products are guaranteed for 25 years against rot and insect damage. The Jakcure treatment process is a preservative process that is unique to Jacksons. The preservative is forced into the heart of the wood by vacuum/pressure to ensure it gets deep into the fibres. Any timber that has excess moisture is kiln dried before applying the preservative.

All approved installers are carefully selected by Jacksons Fencing representatives, to provide customers with experienced professionals who will do the job competitively and efficiently.

We install a wide range of fencing, garden gates, driveway gates and garden structures, examples of these can be seen below. Please get in touch if you would like a free quote on any Jacksons products installations.

Tel: 01270 619 147
Email: mail@suddenstrike.co.uk

Garden Fencing Panels

We have a number of fencing styles available from Jacksons Fencing. All high quality treated timber with a 25 year guarantee. Fencing provides security and privacy, as well as adding to the aesthetic of your garden with a variety of styles to choose from.

We have a range of garden gates and driveway gates to match original or new fencing. We also supply, install and maintain automated gates.

This range includes decking, pergolas, shelters and planters. These structures allow you to create different areas in your garden for seating or dining.

Jakoustic fence panels provide an excellent barrier to reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels, whilst not looking out of place and still providing aesthetic appeal.

We supply and install a huge range of Jackons Fencing products. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and arrange a free quote.

Tel: 01270 619 147

Email: mail@suddenstrike.co.uk

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