Equestrian Paddock fencing

Fencing for paddocks and riding arenas, we have a range of fencing to suit your equestrian needs

Each year, Suddenstrike supplies and installs many miles of fencing for horses and paddocks. We have worked with a number of equestrian centres, stables and small holders so we understand their needs.

With over 30 years of experience, we have built an excellent reputation among all of our clients for delivering high quality workmanship, reliability and customer satisfaction and understand that when planning and constructing paddocks and horse riding tracks, the security and protection of your horses and the riders’ safety is paramount.

We are able to install fencing solutions to meet all manner of requirements and budgets. Whether it’s for personal use, riding schools, livery yards, stables or eventing arenas, we have a solution for your requirements.

The most common paddock fencing is constructed using wooden posts and rails, however paddock fencing is not just limited to wooden post and rail fencing. There are many options available to suit a range of requirements and budgets.

We also install creosoted timber. Creosoted timber is excellent for equestrian use as horses don’t chew it, as well as this it has a life span in excess of 30 years.

Types of horse paddock fencing include:

Post and rail fencing

Post and Rail Fencing30We can supply and install a variety of post and rail fences to many different specifications using half round, round or square timber posts driven in to the ground and then clad with half round or flat rails or electric wire.

Additional options include installing a strand of electric wire across the top of the fence and cladding the fence with stock or rabbit netting if required.

Horse netting, foal netting, stock netting/stock fencing

Horses in Field Behind NettingWe can supply and install either horse netting or stock netting to suit your requirements. These fences consist of treated timber posts driven in to the ground and then clad with netting/mesh which is manufactured to BSEN10223-5 standards and galvanised to BSEN10244.

The high tensile mesh we use is manufactured from flexible and resilient high tensile wire giving you a stronger more secure fence.

Electric fences

Electric horse tape and netting against hedge

There are a variety of different electric fencing solutions designed for equine use, including permanent solutions where treated timber posts are driven in to the ground and then clad with plain high tensile wire or poly tape. This is then electrified.

Temporary systems such as plastic posts and single or multiple strands of stranded or poly wire or tape, which is then electrified. For more information about our electric fencing solutions for horses please click here.

Additional options include one strand of electric wire across the top of the fence and a flat rail if required.

Horse in field behind electric tape fencing

Horse stud rail fencing

Brown stud fence for horsesStud railing has long been used in the equestrian world as an alternative to timber post and rail fencing. Consisting of wooden posts driven in to the ground and then clad with the stud rails, once installed and tensioned, this type of fencing requires minimal upkeep. Stud railing is safe for the animals and is chew resistant.

This type of fencing is constructed from PVC with two strands of high tensile wire moulded in to the outer edges, available in brown or white and either 75mm or 100mm widths.

Field gates and access gates

Horse gate with post and rail fencing and nettingWe also supply and install a variety of field gates and public access gates constructed using metal or timber. For further details, please see our Gates and pedestrian access section.

Water troughs and piping

Black plastic water trough on grass fieldWe now stock and install a variety of water troughs and cattle feeders including the installation of water pipes. More.

For more information about the materials we use, including the different timber treatments available along with the different grades of wire that we install, please visit our Posts, stock netting and wire explained section.

Suddenstrike is experienced in all types of equestrian fencing and can find a solution to suit your needs. For more details please contact us on 01270 619147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.

Quality is an essential ingredient in everything we do. This is why we only source our wire and metal work from leading industry names such as X™ Fence®, Tornado, Gripple and Hotline. All of our timber comes from sustainable sources and is pressure treated or available with either Creosote or 30 years treatments.

All fences are installed using our own machinery including a specialist mechanical wire dispenser and tightener, and post driving machines including the Bryce HD180 tracked post driver.