Equine fence protection

Protect your fencing against damage from horses

It’s a well known fact that horses will subject a standard wooden fence to a lot of wear and tear, whether they chew it or just from pushing and rubbing against it, they will test the durability of the fence to the limit.

One of the best preventative methods for this is by using creosoted timber which can be installed by Suddenstrike Fencing; however, there are a number of options available to prevent this from happening such as:

Electric wire

off-set-ring-insulator-w-tape-settingElectric wire is a popular option as this prevents the horse from chewing the fence, and also stops it rubbing against the rails. Electric wire can be powered from a single energizer and is attached to the fence with screw-in insulators. For more information regarding our equine electric fencing solutions, please visit our Electric fencing for horses section.

Depending on the condition of the fence, you may consider replacing part or all of it. When replacing the fence there are two other options which may be considered:

Horse stud rail fencing

studrailbrownStud railing manufactured from PVC containing two strands of high tensile wire has long been used in the equestrian world as an alternative to timber post and rail fencing. Stud rails can be attached to existing posts in place of wooden rails and is safe for the animals and chew resistant.

Stud railing is available in 75mm or 100mm widths and in a brown or white finish.

Creosoted pressure treated timber

Stack of creosote treated timberCreosote treatment is the more traditional process for treating timber, and is favourable amongst equestrian establishments as horses are less likely to chew the timber. The timber is selected from suitable redwood and then dried to a moisture content of less than 28 per cent before being treated.

Suddenstrike is experienced in all types of equestrian fencing and can find a solution to suit your needs. For more details please contact us on 01270 619147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.

Quality is an essential ingredient in everything we do. This is why we only source our wire and metal work from leading industry names such as X™ Fence®, Tornado Wire, Gripple and Hotline. All of our timber comes from sustainable sources.

All fences are installed using our own machinery including a specialist mechanical wire dispenser and tightener and post driving machines including the Bryce HD180 Tracked Post Driver with low ground pressure.