Electric fencing for sheep

Electric fencing systems for sheep can be an effective alternative to standard sheep netting. Sheep can be difficult to manage as they can only receive a shock through their nose and face because their wool insulates the rest of their body. This is why it is essential that the fence is installed and maintained correctly.

Our fencing team are fully qualified, experienced and use the highest quality materials with the best equipment, so rest assured the Suddenstrike fencing team have the skills and experience to correctly install electric fencing to suit your needs.

There are three types of electric fencing suitable for sheep, depending on your requirements – permanent systems, standard temporary systems and electric netting.

Permanent electric sheep fencing systems

Permanent electric sheep fencing is constructed using treated timber posts installed at regular intervals, to which strands of high tensile wires are attached using appropriate insulators. The fence line is then electrified using a suitable energiser.

This method of fence installation using timber posts and high tensile wire is the most durable electric fencing system available for sheep. Using high tensile wire instead of standard poly rope or electric wire means that the fence will have superior strength and be highly conductive.

To contain sheep, three strands of electrified wire will be required at 300, 500 an 700mm high; for goats, five strands of electrified wire will be required at 200, 400, 500, 800 and 1,000mm high. The type of energiser that is required will depend on the distance of the fence line, number of strands of electric wire and the breed of sheep or goats being contained.

Diagram of sheep and goat fencing wire heights

Temporary electric sheep fencing systems (including dividing and strip fences)

Electric wire and rope

Reels of tape, rope & wire for electric fencingTemporary electric sheep fencing doesn’t need to be as durable as a permanent system therefore cheaper materials can be used. The treated timber posts can be substituted for a suitable polypropylene or steel posts whilst alternative wires can be used such as three, six or nine strand poly wire; seven strand galvanised wire or professional rope.

Electric sheep netting

Electric fencing warning sign on sheep nettingElectric sheep netting is ideal for sheep and goat enclosures, particularly when used for grazing new born lambs. It can be used as a temporary portable fence for sheep and goats. Once installed it forms a complete fence and is available in 50m lengths, including posts. The posts are fitted within the netting using single or double spikes. The horizontal strands of the netting conduct the power, the top strand is reinforced whilst the bottom strand is extra strong but does not conduct.

For more information about the products available please visit our Electric fencing equipment guide section.

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