Electric fencing for poultry

Electric fencing is ideal for those wanting to divide existing areas or keep a small amount of birds, or for those who prefer having a low visual impact fence, with the option of being able to move and store the fence easily.

The most effective method of electric fencing for poultry is poultry netting. Available in green and orange, the net consists of 12 horizontal wires supported by vertical wires and secured to PVC posts. The net is manufactured from polyurethane containing metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (except for the bottom base line). The net is then electrified/charged by an energiser. This forms an open circuit. When an animal comes in to contact with the net and ground, it completes the circuit and the animal will get a shock – this is why the net itself does not need to be installed in a loop and can be installed in a straight line if required.

Foxes, like most animals, investigate unfamiliar objects in their environment. Although the net is not a great height, once the fox has been shocked, the net will provide a sufficient psychological barrier that the fox is unlikely to attempt to breech the fence again.

Diagram of chicken netting measurements

There are several options available for purchasing poultry systems. If required, the net can be purchased on its own. Alternatively, we can supply starter kits. This contains either 25m or 50m green net, an earth stake, four rigid corner posts and an electric fence tester. The tester will enable you to monitor the voltage on your system as well as help with finding the fault. HLC 40 and 80 12v or mains powered energisers are suitable if the addition of extra nets if required.

 Chicken netting starter kit flatlay

For more information about the products available please visit our Electric fencing equipment guide section.

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