Electric Fencing for Horses

Electric equine systems can be permanent or temporary, and are specifically designed for equestrian needs

Whether you’re looking for a permanent system or a temporary system to keep your horses safe and secure, we have a solution to meet your needs. Through our suppliers, we are able to offer a variety of products specifically designed and developed for equestrian requirements.

Electric fencing can have many advantages over standard fencing, being more cost effective, an electric fence acts as a psychological barrier to your horse. Once trained your horse will avoid the wire, minimising damage to the fence line, unlike conventional fencing that becomes easily damaged from horses chewing and pushing against the fence.

The number of strands of electric wire required depends on the animal that is being contained. In most circumstances, only two stands of electric wire will be needed (although additional strands can be added if necessary). Standard horse fencing requires two strands of wire at 600 and 1,200mm high, whilst pony fencing is sufficient with two strands at 400 and 900mm high. The type of energiser that is required will depend on the distance of the fence line, number of strands of electric wire and the animal that is being contained. Further options include powering the fencing by battery or mains.

For more information about the products available please visit our Electric fencing equipment guide section.

Diagram of horse and pony wire

There are several specifications and configurations of equine fencing available, below are just a few of the systems that we are able to supply and install if required.

Permanent Electric Equine Fencing Systems

Permanent electric horse fencing is ideal for equine fencing on larger scales; serious consideration needs to be given to the layout and usability prior to construction to ensure that the fence will be both effective and reliable.

Permanent fences are constructed using treated timber posts installed at regular intervals. Strands of electric wire or tape are then attached using appropriate insulators. The fence is then electrified using a suitable energiser. For more information about the timber we use including the different timber treatments available, please visit our Posts, netting and wire explained section.

There are several types of wire or tape that can be used in a permanent fencing system, tape or high tensile wire are the most effective but other options are available.

Lightning/Equi Wire

Lightning Equi Wire Horse fencing diagramLightning or equi wire is a 2.5mm high tensile wire that is coated in a high visibility polymer. This contains the conductive radial fins connected to the central high tensile cable. The radial fins carry the charge from the central cable to the outer surface of the wire delivering a shock when contact is made. This product offers the highest level of durability whilst being highly visible, making it the ideal product for permanent electric equine fencing. This product is available in white or brown.

Paddock Tape and Turbo Tapes

Reel of Tape for Electric Horse FencingTape is the safest and most effective option available for paddock fencing. It works by acting as a psychological barrier to the animals, therefore the key aspect with electric fencing is the visibility of the wire/tapes. The animal needs to be able to see the wire to avoid it, which is why it is available in a wide range of grades and sizes to suit all budgets

The most popular choices of tape for permanent electric fencing systems are 40mm turbo or professional grade tapes, these are then secured to the fence using quality insulators which grip the tape. As the tape is gripped, the chance of it becoming damaged by wind or from moving within the insulator is greatly reduced. 10 and 20mm tapes are also available and come in 100 or 200m rolls (40mm tape is available in 250m rolls).

Paddock Ropes

Reel of Rope for Electric Horse FencingWhilst not as visible as tape, ropes are still a good alternative. Although it does not have a high visibility it is more robust, which makes it an effective and more durable barrier to contain horses.

Ropes are available in 6 or 7mm sizes in 200m rolls (6mm rope is also available in 500m rolls). The ropes are constructed from polypropylene and have multiple strands of conductive stainless steel wire which is threaded throughout. Stainless steel conductors are used as they have a good balance of conductivity and strength.

High Tensile/Equi Wire

Reel of high tensile steel wire for horse fencing High tensile or equi wire is the most durable of materials available for permanent electric fencing for horses. There are two main specifications of wire available – standard high tensile wire and equi wire.

Although standard high tensile wire is highly durable and super conductive, at 2.5mm thick, it is not as effective as a visible physiological barrier.

Temporary Electric Equine Fencing systems (including paddock division)

When dividing paddocks for grazing it is often the case that a temporary fence is required. As temporary electric horse fencing systems are not required to be as durable as a permanent system, more cost effective materials can be used. The treated timber posts can be substituted for a suitable polypropylene or steel post, whilst alternative wires can be used such as multi strand poly wire.

There are a number of alternative materials that can be used to construct a temporary electric fence. We have compiled a section below explaining the benefits and drawbacks of some of these materials.


Posts for Electric Horse Fencing

Whilst timber posts can be used, it can be an unnecessary expense for temporary fencing, therefore alternative materials may be suitable for your requirements.

Steel posts provide higher levels of durability, whilst plastic posts give greater economy when budgets are a consideration.

We stock and supply a range of temporary fence posts including – multi wire plastic posts for wire, tape and rope (available with standard and stirrup style tread-ins); heavy duty angle steel posts, ideal for corners and for mounting reels; powder coated steel posts with pig-tail insulators; steel posts with live shafts to deter pushing and standard metal posts with adjustable insulators.

Tapes, Ropes and Wires

Reels of tape, rope & wire for electric horse fencing

All of these materials conduct charge in the same way, the only difference being the medium in which the charge is carried. A number of products can be considered for use within temporary fencing.

As with permanent fencing, tape offers the highest levels of visibility, however tape that is fastened to an insulator cannot have the same tension or security as when it is fastened to a timber post, therefore durability may become a concern. Tapes are available in 10, 20 and 40mm sizes in 100, 200 and 250m rolls.

Rope offers a high level of visibility, but also has a higher level of durability compared to tape, this is why rope is often the preferred choice for temporary paddock division fencing and is available in 6 or 7mm width and 200 or 500m long rolls.

Polywire is a good budget alternative to rope and tape, however it is less durable and visible than both. Different grades of poly wire are available with products containing three or six stainless steel conductors or a combination of three copper and six stainless steel conductors. Polywire is available in 1.2 or 2mm sizes with 100, 200, 250, 400 or 500m rolls.

A further option available for temporary fencing is aluminium or galvanised steel wire. Both of these are highly conductive but less durable than other systems available.

For more information about the products available including different types of energisers please visit our Electric fencing equipment guide section.

Starter kits and three reel systems

We also supply a range of starter kits and three reel systems:

Starter Kit

Horse kits, starter kits and 3-reel systems

Containing a Shrike energiser with batteries, 200m of 10mm tape, 10 multiwire posts, two end tensioners, one pocket tester, two gate handles with anchors, one ground stake and a warning sign.

Horse Kit

CStarter Kit Electric Horse Fencingontaining a Super Hobby 12v energiser, 200m of 10m tape, 20 multiwire posts, two end tensioners, one pocket tester, two gate handles with anchors, one ground stake and a warning sign.

400m Galvanised Wire Three Reel System

Galvanised wire three reel system CheshireContaining three premium 1:1 reels, three x 400m spools of galvanised wire, 40 x multiwire posts, one reel fixing post (with reel brackets), one end post with insulators, one set of line connectors.

500m Polywire Three Reel System

500m polywire three reel system CheshireContaining three premium 1:1 reels, three x 500m spools of six strand polywire, 50 multiwire posts, one reel fixing post (with reel brackets), two end posts with insulators and one set of line connectors.

500m Geared Polywire Three Reel System

500m geared poly wire three reel system CheshireContaining three premium 3:1 reels, three x 500m spools of nine strand polywire, 50 multiwire posts, one reel fixing post (with reel brackets), two end posts with insulators and one set of line connectors.

Whatever your electric fencing needs, Suddenstrike Fencing has a product to suit, whether you’re looking for supply and installation or supply only. We have worked with a range of customers throughout Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Liverpool & Manchester to meet their fencing requirements. For more details on how Suddenstrike Fencing could help you with your electric fencing, contact us on 01270 619147 or email mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.