Electric fence equipment – batteries

Batteries are extremely portable and offer a range of options from 6v and 9v models which have disposable batteries, to 12v rechargeable models and solar options. The type of battery required often depends on the fence installed and the customer’s requirements.

Through our network of suppliers we are able to supply a variety of electric fencing equipment. Please find below a range of the items that we can supply, for more details please contact us on 01270 619147 or email us at mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.

6V air alkaline battery

5v electric fencing battery from Hotline6v 50 amp hour internal battery for Merlin and Raptor energiser systems.

6V air alkaline battery

Electric fencing alkaline 6v battery60v 40 amp hour battery for Harrier energiser system. Provides power for up to 15 weeks.

9V saline and air alkaline batteries

9v air alkaline electric fencing battery9v (8.4 actual) batteries for Super Hawk and Centaur energiser systems.

12v fit one – charge one

Fit one charge one electric fencing batteryTwin, maintenance free, 35 amp hour leisure batteries with battery charger. Package designed to allow one in use while one is on charge.

36 amp hour AGM battery

36ah AGM Electric Fencing BatteryMaintenance free, sealed for life, deep cycle leisure battery.

12v sealed battery

Electric fencing 12v battery CheshireSealed wet cell deep cycle leisure battery.

Battery chargers

Electric fencing battery chargerBattery chargers for leisure batteries. Automatic battery chargers designed to charge deep cycle leisure batteries.

Contact Suddenstrike Fencing on 01270 619147 for the supply of electric fencing batteries. Our team also installs a wide range of electric fencing, which can be tailored to suit your needs.

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