Fencing for Crewe

When it comes to security for your home, land or premises in the Crewe area, whether you opt for metal fencing or wooden fencing, quality is essential, both in terms of material and construction.

Here at Suddenstrike Fencing (Crewe) we recognise the importance of sourcing good quality materials, machinery and workmanship, and pride ourselves on delivering those to our customers.

We ensure all of our wooden fencing is created from good quality timber, obtained from sustainable sites (to reduce the carbon footprint) and treated suitably to produce as long as life span as possible and to prevent the effects of weather-wearing.

Likewise, our metal fencing is obtained from some of the biggest and best names in the industry, tried and tested, earning their great reputations through excellent consumer experience and feedback.

As well as fantastic quality and expert workmanship, we offer a wide range of different products to suit a variation of location settings – whether you’re looking for wooden fencing for a rural style or metal fencing for a more industrial feel, we will help you find the perfect product to fit your environment.

Aside from the aesthetics, we can also help and advice on the best equipment for your needs, taking into account all the relevant factors, for example:

Paddock Fencing

Paddock fencing is extremely popular and well used within husbandry such as farms and stables. There are various different styles of paddock fencing available, whether you opt for post-and-rail, electric, or netting (especially helpful when raising foal).

Gallops Fencing

Whether it be for riding schools, stable, event areas, livery yards or personal use, gallops fencing is designed to be as safe as possible for both horse and rider. Again, there are various design of gallops fencing available including post-and-rail, netted, or the more popular running rail style.

Livestock Fencing

We provide various styles of fencing for livestock and agriculture, including for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, deer/llama/alpaca, pheasant and game.

Wildlife Fencing

We can provide wildlife fencing to protect livestock, crops or your home from wildlife. Wild boar fencing, rabbit fencing, badger fencing, deer, fox, mink and otter proof fencing, all designed in order to prevent access to your land by those animals, with the design tweaked in each case to adjust and meet the needs. Wild boar fencing, for example, is designed to prevent not only direct access, but also from them digging and burrowing underneath – the construction of the wild boar fencing prevents this.

If you are unsure which product would be most suited to your requirements, we have experienced installers and support staff who can help with every stage of the process from planning to installing and after sales care. We can also create bespoke, specialist solutions to meet your particular needs.

Covering across the UK including Cheshire, Staffordshire, Crewe, Shropshire, Derbyshire, South Manchester, Nantwich, Lancashire, North Wales and Powys, we also offer a nationwide service so are sure to be able to assist you with your project.

Please contact us by telephone or email for quotes or advice.

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