Clipex fencing systems are an innovative and long lasting solution

We are an approved installer of Clipex fencing, for Cheshire and surrounding areas

Clipex fencing is a revolutionary solution to save time, money and offers a high quality fence that has an expected life span of over 30 years, with a guarantee of 30.

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Suddenstrike fencing are an approved and experienced installer of Clipex fencing systems, it is a new fencing solution which is a great alternative to the traditional timber posts. Whilst our timber posts can be treated to offer a longer lifespan, all Clipex steel fence posts are guaranteed for 30 years.

What are the benefits of Clipex fencing?

Installing a Clipex fence system offers many benefits, and provides a more cost effective solution, particularly where a large amount of fencing is involved. Compared to traditional fencing methods, Clipex would offer substantial savings just from labour costs alone:

  1. It is much quicker to install
  2. Heavy machinery is not required
  3. Guaranteed longer life span, no need to replace as soon as other fencing installments

What is Clipex fencing used for?

Clipex systems have a wide variety of uses, including agricultural fencing, livestock fencing, estate fencing, and the fence posts can also be installed with electric fencing. Posts are manufactured from 450-grade high tensile steel with a zinc coating.

The metal fence posts and wire are a great alternative to wooden fencing, especially for farms where wooden stock fencing is used, cattle and horses can cause damage to wood over time from leaning and chewing on the fence.

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