Pig fencing for Cheshire and surrounding areas

Permanent or temporary pig fencing to suit large farms or smallholdings

Pig fencing from Suddenstrike is available in various methods – wire mesh and electric wire. For smaller areas and small numbers a pen constructed out of weld mesh or high tensile stock netting and rails would be suitable, however for larger areas or where the pigs are used on a farm rotation system where fencing is only temporary, an electric fence system can be installed.

Permanent electric systems for pigs are constructed with tanalised wooden posts driven in to the ground and clad with a number of high tensile plain wire strands – this creates a substantial enclosure which is cost effective over large areas.

Temporary electric systems for pigs are constructed with metal or plastic posts and a number of strands of either plain wire or poly wire stored on reels.

Over the years, Suddenstrike has earned a reputation with our clients for quality fence installations. All fences installed by Suddenstrike are done so by our own dedicated teams of installers using our award-winning equipment such as the Bryce HD180 tracked post driver with low ground pressure and a 400kg hammer.

Not only do we have the very best equipment available, only the best materials are used in a fence installed by Suddenstrike. This includes wire and products from brands such as X™ Fence®, Tornado, Gripple and Hotline. Our timber is pressure treated for longevity and comes from a sustainable FSC source.

Types of pig fencing include:

Wire Mesh Pens

Typically, pens are constructed from driving treated wooden posts in to the ground, cladding them with weld mesh (manufactured to BS443) and then installing a rail around the top and the bottom of the fence. In addition it may be advisable to install one or two strands of electric wire around the bottom of the fence line to deter pigs from pushing against the fence.

This type of fence may also be suitable to create a pen for other livestock such as sheep, goats and chickens.

Wire mesh pens can vary in height and post width depending on the animal it is intended to contain.

Pig netting and barbed wire fencing in field

Stock Netting/Stock Fencing

Pigs can be destructive and very capable of breaching standard stock fences. This creates a risk that the animals may easily escape with the potential to decimate crops. Suddenstrike uses specialised stock netting designed to control pigs. The high tensile strength of the netting has been designed to prevent pigs from destroying the fence and escaping.

Post and rail timber cattle fence in field

Post & Rail Fencing

Our post and rail fencing for pigs consists of high strength timber posts driven in to the ground and then clad with three or four flat rails. Whilst this type of fencing may be suitable for smaller breeds, we would recommend that larger breeds are contained using either stock netting or a combination of stock netting and post and rails.

Electric Pig Fencing Cheshire

Electric Fencing

This is perhaps the most efficient and cost effective method for containing pigs. Pigs love to explore their surrounding environment. However, due to being very intelligent animals, pigs are easily deterred from exploring too far by electric fencing.

Electric fencing is widely used on large commercial pig farms. This is due to their effectiveness at containing the animals and because, if it is temporary, it allows flexibility to move the animals from location to location.

Both permanent and temporary systems are available. Both consist of using three strands of electrified wire (plain high tensile wire for permanent or poly wire for temporary) clad to either treated wooden posts or standard poly posts. For more details regarding the types of electric fencing for pigs available, please see our Electric fencing for pigs page.

Field Gates & Public Access

We also supply and install a variety of field gates and public access gates constructed using metal or timber. For further details, please see our Gates and pedestrian access section.

Black Plastic Water Troughs

Water Troughs, Pipes & Feeders

We now stock and install a variety of water troughs and cattle feeders including the installation of water pipes. More.

For more information about the materials we use, including the different timber treatments available along with the different grades of wire we can install, please visit our Posts, stock netting and wire explained section.

For more details please contact us on 01270 619147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.