Llama and alpaca fencing for farms and smallholdings throughout Cheshire

Protect llamas and alpacas from predators with our livestock fencing

We supply and install livestock fencing suitable for llamas and alpacas. With various types of agricultural fencing available, there are many styles of fencing that would be appropriate for rearing these animals, with the main focus being on protection from predators.

Stock netting is a popular and effective option for llama and alpaca fencing, with strands of wire at the top to add height and extra protection. Well planned and constructed fencing is an effective method of keeping llamas and alpacas, which will protect them and public safety.

Llamas are sometimes kept as a guardian animal for sheep or alpacas, this can be incorporated into the fencing and provide a good level of protection for all livestock. For llama and alpaca farms, the land is often separated into separate paddocks, our llama fencing will ensure that they are unable to jump between each paddock. Although we ensure they are unable to jump the fence, most fencing will be suitable to keep these animals as they do not tend to challenge it. With careful planning and maintenance, this fencing will allow the surrounding land to be used for other purposes or livestock.

llamas in field

Llama & Alpaca Fencing

Minimum fence height 1.2m high
Maximum mesh size: 220mm x 220mm

Suddenstrike Fencing have installed llama, alpaca and stock fencing across Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire for farms and smallholdings for a number of years. Our fencing materials are the highest quality, sourced from trusted suppliers and all timber is from sustainable managed woodlands. Fence posts are available with pressure or creosote treatments, offering life spans of up to 30 years.

As well as fencing, we also offer llama housing, shelters, water and feeding troughs and other livestock handling systems.

Other products for llamas and alpacas include:

Mesh deer gate


A range of gates, public access gates and field gates, or a bespoke service to offer the best protection for your livestock.

Cattle grid on farm track

Cattle grids

In some situations a gate may not be the most practical solution, for this we offer a range of steel cattle grids in various sizes, which will prevent the llamas, alpacas and other livestock from passing a certain point.

livestock feeder in field filled with hay

Water Troughs, Feeders & Piping

We also install a range of water troughs, feeders, and pipe installation to provide a water supply. This can be a standalone service or alongside fencing and gate installation.

We are happy to offer advice and a free quotation for any fencing you require, please get in touch on 01270 619 147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk to speak to a member of our team.