Cattle Fencing Installation for Farms and Smallholdings

We supply and install a variety of agricultural fencing for cattle including electric fencing, stock fencing, gates, cattle grids, and post and rail fitted with netting or barbed wire.

Here at Suddenstrike, we understand that there are many different requirements when it comes to fencing for cattle. Our post and rail fencing can be adapted to suit keeping cattle, it can be installed with netting, barbed wire or electric fencing, to protect the wood fence posts and rails from damage.

Cattle can be very hard on fencing, they will lean on it and rub against it, reducing the life span of the fence. As with all livestock fencing, a combination of a wire fence, electric fence, or mesh fence with wooden post and rail is a popular option. Electric fencing for cattle is another option with long lasting and economic benefits.

We supply all types of cattle fencing and stock fencing to suit the needs of large farms and smallholders alike, with over 30 years experience we have built up great relationships with local customers, who come back to us time and time again for our reliable and high quality workmanship.

Our materials are sourced from trusted UK suppliers, ensuring that they are from sustainable sources, and are available with treatments to offer a longer lifespan, such as creosote and pressure treated posts.

All fencing is installed by our fully trained and experienced staff, with our own machinery including a Bryce HD180 low ground pressure tracked post driver, and a specialist award winning Pro-Fencer mechanical wire dispenser and tightener. With access to some of the best machinery in the business, we are able to install fencing quickly and efficiently.

How Far Apart Should Fence Posts Be?

Diagram of fence post width

As with all fencing for livestock different heights and widths of posts need to be considered, so that the fencing is suitable for purpose. Posts can be treated timber, metal or plastic depending on the type of fencing chosen, and can be clad with netting, high tensile wire, or electric fencing.

Electric Fencing Height:

The type of fencing needed, height of fence, and how many strands of wire is required, will vary depending on the breed of cattle. Our fencing team will ensure you have the correct specifications to suit your needs and have an effective fence to keep livestock safe.

Types of Cattle Fencing:

Post and rail cattle fencing clad with netting and barbed wire

Stock Netting/Stock Fencing

Stock netting fences are clad with flexible and resilient high tensile wire, giving the fence more strength and security. Treated timber posts are driven into the ground and clad with stock netting or mesh, with additional options of barbed wire at the top of the fence. Our stock netting is manufactured to BSEN10223-5 standards and galvanised to BSEN10244.

Post and rail timber cattle fence in field

Post & Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing can be installed to meet a number of specifications, it can be fitted with rails alone, or with barbed wire, netting or electric fencing. The posts can be treated to offer varying lifespans, and are half round, round, or square timber posts.

Electric fencing post with tape

Electric Fencing

There are a number of options to build electric cattle fencing, whether this may be for temporary or permanent use. Temporary systems involve electrified strands of stranded or poly wire, between plastic posts, for a more permanent solution we use timber posts which is clad with high tensile electrified wire. See our dedicated electric fencing pages for more information on how to build an electric fence for cattle.

Barbed wire cattle fence in field

Barbed Wire Fencing

A barbed wire fence can be more cost effective for larger areas. Timber posts, offered with varying treatments and lifespans, are driven into the ground and clad with a high tensile wire manufactured to BSEN10223-5 and galvanised to BSEN10244.

Clipex metal cattle fence

Clipex Fencing

Clipex fencing systems are designed to be stronger and therefore long lasting and more cost effective than other styles of fencing. The steel galvanised posts and 45-grade high tensile steel comes with a 30 year guarantee (Terms and Conditions apply). Clipex fence posts can also be used with electric fencing or plain strand or barbed wire, for a standard stock fence.

Cattle farm gate in field

Field Gates & Public Access Gates

As well as farm fencing we also supply and install farm gates and public access gates, to match new or existing fencing. We have a range of metal and timber gates, or gates can be made to order to fit your specifications. Get in touch for more information on our range of gates or see our gates and pedestrian access section.

Cattle grid on farm track

Cattle Grids

In some situations installing a gate may not be the most practical solution, for this we have a range of cattle grids available in a variety of sizes.

Water trough in cattle field

Water Troughs & Piping

When it comes to livestock fencing, it’s a lot easier if you can get all of your fencing supplies in one place, this is why we now stock and install cattle feeders and water troughs, and provide a service for the installation of water pipes.

There can be a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right fencing, for more detailed information on the materials we use, see our posts, wire and netting page.

Please get in touch if you would like a free quote on 01270 619147 or email us at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.