Cattle grids – Supply, Install, Design and Specifications for Cattle, Livestock and Deer Grids

Livestock grids for supply and install for Cheshire and surrounding counties.

As well as livestock fencing and gates, we also supply, install and design cattle and deer grids. In some cases, farm gates may not be a practical solution, and this is where cattle grids come in. Also known as a stock grid, these obstacles can be used for sheep, horses, pigs or deer, as well as cattle.

Steel cattle grids are an extremely effective barrier, preventing animals crossing or continuing down a road, removing the need for a gate. Cattle grids are installed into the road, which is between the fencing surrounding the area of land in which the stock is contained. We have installed many of these on agricultural land, but also on country estates, highways, and residential areas.

Cattle grid installation can be provided as a standalone service, however we also provide the supply and install of farm fencing, stock netting and electric fencing, for the purpose of cattle farming, or any other livestock.

Cattle Grid Construction

Cattle grids are fitted over a ditch dug out along the fence line, and the grid is rested on a base. The ditch acts as a deterrent, generally the cattle know that if they try to cross the grid, their legs will fall between the bars. The bars of the cattle grid are at a width safe enough for traffic and people to walk across with ease.

Our cattle grids are wildlife friendly, and are fitted with exit ramps for hedgehogs and other small animals.

All of our grids are designed to take heavy loads and HGVs, and some are tested up to 50 tonnes.

What is the minimum width of a cattle grid?

The minimum ditch and grid width is recommended by the British Standard to be 2750mm (9ft), in order to allow access for emergency vehicles.

What is the depth of a cattle grid?

The depth of the ditch under the cattle grids are generally between 250mm and 450mm. Ideally they do not need to be more that 250mm, as this is efficient enough to deter livestock.

A pit at this depth could be a danger to wildlife, which is why we fit all of our grids with ramps for hedgehogs and other small animals.

Cattle grid on farm track

Cattle Grids

Our fencing supplies are sourced from trusted UK suppliers, and our cattle grids are no different; constructed from strong, durable materials, they can be galvanised or finished with heavy duty paint. The grids come in standard sizes, however we are able to manufacture alternatives to bespoke cattle grid specifications.

Standard cattle grids:

Domestic/farm entrance grids
Capacity: 10 or 20 tonne
Width: 3.0m or 3.66m

Commercial cattle grids
Capacity: 30 or 40 tonne
Width: 4.05 or 4.5m

Quick fit grids
Capacity: 50 tonnes
Width: 3.0, 3.3, 3.6 and 4.57m

This type of grid can be fitted in one unit, in one day, providing we have the correct ground conditions.

Black steel deer grid on country park road

Deer Grids

These grids have a capacity of 50 tonnes and are available in a range of widths, 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft, and are installed in the same way as the quick fit grid. Deer grids are wider than standard cattle grids, and are also fitted with exit ramps to enable wildlife, including hedgehogs, to be able to escape.

We also specialise in the installation of deer fencing and deer netting, with a number of deer species in the UK it is important to consider the type and height of fencing needed. We have installed many metres of deer proof fencing for parklands and wildlife parks across Cheshire and surrounding counties.

If specific deer grid specifications are needed, we are happy to manufacture bespoke grids to meet customer needs.

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