Equestrian Fencing and Farm Fencing for Cheshire

We provide fencing and installation services tailored specifically to meet your farm fencing and equine fencing needs, including post and rail fencing, electric fencing, stock netting, sheep netting, stock fencing, metal and wooden field gates, and riding arena construction.

Suddenstrike supply and install a huge range of fencing to suit all livery and farm needs, we have been the local fencing contractor of choice for a number of liveries, farmers and livestock holders in the area.

Our fencing can be adapted to suit any requirement, whether that is post and rail fencing for horses, stock netting for sheep, cattle fencing or electric fencing. Our post and rail fencing can be combined with stock netting, wire, or electric fencing in order to be fit for purpose. Field fencing is important to keep stock in, but also to keep pests and predators out.

We also supply and install gates, to match new or existing fencing. Agricultural, livestock and farm gates can also be fitted to suit your needs, including metal and wooden field gates, kissing gates, electric spring gates and more.

For more information on our agricultural fencing, contact us on 01270 619 147.

The areas we cover include Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and we have also worked as far as Derbyshire, Lancashire, Manchester and North Wales.

We are based in the heart of Cheshire, in the Nantwich countryside, and with an experienced and dedicated team, our customers choose us as they know they are getting quality fencing that comes with the quality workmanship we pride ourselves on.

Our specialist fencing machinery allows us to install fencing quickly, taking the hard work out of doing it by hand. We can install fence lines quickly, efficiently, economically, and in large volumes.

Agricultural fencing contractors for Cheshire and surrounding areas:

Quality Fencing Materials

All of the materials used in our horse fencing, livestock fencing, stock fencing and electric fencing, are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers, to ensure they are of high quality and meet our high standards of work. All of our timber for fence posts and rails comes from a sustainable source and is from FSC managed woodlands, the fence posts are available with a 15 or 30 year life span and are pressure treated as well as creosote treated products.

Industry Leading Machinery

In order to install fencing efficiently, we use the latest and best fencing equipment on the market, including the Bryce Suma HD180 tracked post knocker, this machine has won a number of awards due to the design innovations, low ground pressure, and 400kg hammer. It is an essential piece of machinery for fence installation to ensure each fence post is installed securely.

Trusted Suppliers

We pride ourselves on quality, and this is why we go to the leading suppliers in the fencing g industry, such as Hotline, Tornado, Gripple and X™ Fence®, to source our metal work, wire and electric fencing.

Expert Installers

Our agricultural fence installers are a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, and we have a number of customer care staff to help you from start to finish, we are here to offer support from planning to completion, with an unrivalled after sales service.

Latest Work

The past few months have been extremely busy for farm fence installation, our teams have been working across Cheshire, and surrounding areas to install stock netting, mesh fencing, barbed wire fencing, and post and rail.

Our recent projects include post and rail with netting, to secure the perimeter around a lagoon, post and rail fitted with electric fencing to fit the purpose of a horse fence, and fence posts fitted with a wire fence to establish field boundaries.

Alongside the installation of farm fencing, we also install a range of gates to suit all needs, and water and feeding troughs.

We are one of the leading fencing contractors in Cheshire, we understand that agricultural fencing is not black and white, and therefore offer a service that is tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch to speak to one of our team about our fencing, and arrange a free quote on any installation.